The Cider

Check out the cider producers fuelling your half marathon! 

Sheppys Cider

Every drop of their cider is crafted by David Sheppy, Sheppys 6th generation Master of Cider. David combines world class expertise accumulated from a lifetime of crafting cider with his family’s 200 years of knowledge. Turning their home-grown apples into some of the finest and award winning ciders, Sheppys combine farming with cider-making by embracing change and opportunity.

Bumble Bee Cider

Using the best British apples to bring you deliciously appley refreshing cider. And why BumbleBee? Through education, donation and fundraising, this is their lasting tribute to the little guys that go out in their tireless efforts to pollinate next year’s apple blossom.You go little furry dudes! Which BumbleBee Cider is going to get you buzzing?

Crafty Nectar

The UK’s number 1 cider subscription club! Gone are the days of tasteless and faceless cider brands. Crafty nectar pride themselves on getting the best craft ciders from across the UK into the hands of their exclusive club members. Featuring the cream of the crop, sourced from South Wales to Somerset.


Loxley are continuing with old age cider making traditions. And to this day, it is made in the same area that once was “Loxley Chase” where cider was first reportedly made for the very first time all those centuries ago! Loxley Cider is only ever made using two ingredients, apples and sugar.Not containing any additives, sweeteners or preservatives, Loxley is possibly London’s finest cider.

Tricky Cider

Freddie and Matt are two friends who grew up in Taunton, at the heart of cider county Somerset. They took over Tricky Cider at the start of 2018 to continue building the business founded in 2004. Both Freddie and Matt were brought up around cider, pressing apples and widely experimenting with home cider making in the past. They are now proud to become the next generation of Tricky Cider.

Crest Cyder

With deep roots in the heart of Somerset cider country, Crest Cyder has a long family history of producing fine cider using traditional methods. Their cider is made entirely from English cider apples, from their own 4 acre orchard. Classic cider apple varieties are grown such as Dabinett, Browns, Stoke Red and Yarlington Mill. Crushed and processed in their 100 year old cider press then creates their traditional and distinctive flavour.

The Taunton Cider Co

Established 1911. Re-launched 2016. A great company is re-born. Our story begins in 1805, when a local farmers co-operative formed to make cider at Norton Fitzwarren, just outside Taunton.The Taunton Cider Company effectively disappeared until it was re-registered in 2015 by a group of cider enthusiasts. Taunton cider is real cider from somerset where timeless tradition meets contemporary craft.

Brothers Cider

Cider made by real brothers! 4 brothers have been making their cider for 14 generations. They first started selling their Pear Cider at the Glastonbury Festival in 1995 near what was then called the Jazz World Stage. Joining us at the Ciderthon they will certainly be bringing that festival feel to your run alongside their fruity greatness.

The Orchard Pig

A PIGS TAIL. It all started in the noughties, just outside Glastonbury, when Andrew started dabbling with cider making in his garden shed. Who knew… apples from Somerset Orchards make the best tasting cider. Following this happy discovery Orchard Pig arrived out of a shared thirst for great cider, great food and Old Spots, the original Orchard Pigs.

Beard and Sabre

Here at Beard and Sabre our art is crafting drinks that people yearn to drink. We press the finest quality cider apples and run a range of both traditional and craft ciders using the best ingredients available and methods that champion our British history and heritage. With British forward thinking and innovation, all from our presshouse based in the capital of the Cotswolds, Cirencester, Gloucestershire. 

The Stable

From hand selected apples in orchards in the heart of the West Country, Millwhites Cider uses traditional methods while keeping up with the tastes of the modern day cider consumer. Made from 100% pressed juice they have 8 award winning somerset ciders. Along with their Cider Horse Trailer, Millwhites will be ready at The Ciderthon to keep you fuelled and running!